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The Scope Of Project

First, we'll call you on the phone in a normal, friendly manner to see how we can assist you with the job. To discuss the idea behind the app and its surroundings, we conduct an on-call discussion with our sales representative team. Then, our team creates your proposal in conjunction with a WBS (work breakdown structure). Our goal is to evaluate the validity of your proposal, suggest the best approach, and transform this call into a long-term collaboration fueled by creativity and critical thought.

Up The Documentation

Following our test cases and pricing estimates, we now formally sign the NDA if you want to keep receiving your bespoke website, mobile app, or web app produced by us.

The UI & UX

In this step, we delivered the first layout. We have one UI/UX solution ready for you right now. After uploading the samples, we'll wait for your response before making any revisions. Once the design is eventually accepted, we begin the development process using Invision or Flinto to create a product that is centred around the user.

The Project

Not to worry. We assist our customers in hosting their projects on the server, app store, and playstore without charging extra fees. The nicest part is that all we need to submit the programme are the developers' credentials. When you publish your iOS software to the Apple App Store, it goes through a testing process that lasts several days over a period of several weeks. This is dependent on the consistency of the programme and how strictly iOS software standards are adhered to. If your application requires a user login, you must also create a user account with a developer account.

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